Colonial Van Lines Relocation Division - Company Reneged on Final Settlement Agreement

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After months of back and forth, i was contacted my the Director of Customer service saying She wanted to resolve our disagreement. We reached a settlement and i was sent a Final Settlement Agreement which simply stated we reached a satisfactory resolution and that i wold receive a refund in amount of $2,500.

Funds would be reimbursed via the credit card on file.

After 8 days of returning the signed agreement i inquired about my refund to which i was told that i had to remove all negative posts on the internet before the refund would be given. That was in no way part of our settlement.

i can send you a copy if you like. it is now 6 weeks and the company if refusing to fulfill the agreement we reach and i sign for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Colonial Van Lines Long Distance Moving Service.

Reason of review: refuses to pay on agreed final settlement.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Colonial Van Lines Relocation Division - Can't get my refund

Not resolved

Move didn't go as promised but it did happen. I was pressured into over estimating weight by lines such as; may not send enough workmen, truck may not deliver, not enough equipment, etc.

The contracted delivery company did a nice job. They were out of Dallas (Cory). He gave me the actual weight and paperwork that stated I was a due a refund of about $800.00. I have emailed several times and NO ONE will return with an answer much less my actual refund.

Don't do it. Don't use them. Not ethical.

Read on BBB that last year (2016) they were trying to clean up the bad press and reviews. Well, that seems to have gone past them because they are still at it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Colonial Van Lines Moving Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Will not return communication about my refund.

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Colonial Van Lines Relocation Division - December 16, 2016--Poor communication, now they owe me money and I can't get a response

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Update by user Feb 07, 2017

Got the BBB involved and they have contacted the company. Company responded with lies about not being able to get ahold of me.

Why can't people just admit when they are wrong and then take care of business. BBB has proposed a settlement BUT, I haven't seen anything yet. Don't get this company to do anything for you.

People shouldn't have to go through the process of getting back an overpayment. Too many moving companies do the right thing without going through cons and crooks.

Original review posted by user Jan 08, 2017

Promised a professional, stress free move. WRONG!

I had a window of three days to get my furniture and auto moved because I live out of the country. Poor communication and poor follow through. Lots of stressful and emotional telephone call and they acted like it was my fault. The people that was originally subcontracted never got in touch and didn't even try for the job.

I lucked out on the sub, sub-contracted company (Corey) and they were great. Two good guys that tried their hardest to do a big job. Now, the auto delivery was a nightmare. Before I was in the US the carrier called my brother in Texas and wanted to deliver the car!

The response was "now what am I going to do"? Emailed CVL and told them. No communication. I was blasting them with calls.

They didn't know where my auto was but I was in Tennessee where I was supposed to be on that date. Finally someone called me with the auto transporter's phone number. I had to call them to negotiate a delivery. They said my car was in storage and they didn't have anyone to deliver it.

I hit the ceiling! Less than calm, I was furious. He was supposed to "call me back", he didn't. I called him, CVL was not in touch.

The transporter told me that I would have to pay for the storage before they delivered my car. CVL said they would reimburse me. At 9:45 PM, he called and asked me to walk down to the main road (at the time they were delivering my furniture), because they couldn't get the transporter on my road. That was a load of *** because the moving van was there.

Finally, I got some help from the furniture delivery guy (Corey) and he drove me down to the road. They were supposed to be in a church parking lot. NOT! They were on a busy highway median off loading my car.

I was afraid to get out of the other car to even see my auto. He wanted to hand off there. It was dark and I couldn't see anything. I was complaining and the guy was laughing at me.

It was so dangerous. Next part, CVL had pressured me into overestimating the weight of my furniture so they would "bring the right equipment". I did and now they owe me around $800 because of the overestimate.

Now, I can't get anyone to respond to me from CVL. Does anyone know what to do for this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Colonial Van Lines Moving Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Pay me my refund that is owed to me.

I liked: I liked the sub sub contractors that delivered my furniture.

I didn't like: Everything else, Poor communication, Horrible auto delivery, Will not return communication about my refund.

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Colonial Van Lines Relocation Division - More details of this Nightmare

Not resolved

I was very disappointed when I called my "personal coordinator" on the scheduled moving day, only to find out that you were not working that day. Attached are the pictures I took of the damage the movers caused.

We had a terrible experience. Two men and a U-Haul showed up at 9 am, and left at 2 am the next morning. When only two men showed up, I tried to get ahold of you, which did not work. So, I talked to the movers' boss, and told them we needed more movers here.

The boss told me it was "not my place" to tell him how many movers we needed. The inventory. I was questioned three times by different Colonial staff and I listed my furniture. I estimated the boxes and I even provided pictures of my home and furniture to David.

He asked for the listing address so he could look at the actual contents of the house. At some point David determined the weight of these items I listed was 10,000 lbs. I am not an expert, I have no idea how much everything would weigh. The movers claimed to be very uninformed.

They had no note of my heavy mirror and heavy, large, canvases and paintings, in spite of how much information I'd provided repeatedly. The movers also weren't notified that we were going to a second storage pickup. I specifically told all intake personnel that I was on a fifth floor walkup, with approx. 88 steps, and no elevator.

And yet they still only sent two workers, which was woefully insufficient. After I pleaded for more movers at 9 am, at 2 pm two more men showed up. In spite of now having four movers, there was no increase in pace or productivity. By 6 pm, I knew that, from the looks of what hadn't been packed, that it would be impossible to make it to the storage site before it closed at 11 pm.

The driver agreed. Giving up on leaving for the move that day, we had to get a hotel, and agreed to meet for a second day of moving in the morning at the storage space at 9 am. I heard from my neighbor the next day that they didn't finish until approx. 2 am.

My neighbor also reported a hole in the driveway fence, where the moving truck had caused damage. Pictures are attached, including other building damage. So, next morning, I contacted the driver, and tried to align on our meeting, and he informed me that in spite of their efforts, they could not remove my 100 pound mirror that I had repeatedly specified to Colonial intake. Please note that two weeks before, my painter was able to remove it himself and replace it after painting the wall with no issues whatsoever.

Four of these movers were unable to remove it. They also claimed it was not their responsibility, as they were only movers. At this point I had no way to get the mirror down and get it on the truck. Thus, I had to give up and leave behind my $1,000 mirror.

Which I am extremely upset by. After speaking to the driver's superior, the next day at 9 am, about my frustration and anger regarding the mirror, he informed me the men would meet me in half an hour at the storage space. We showed up at 9:30, they showed up at noon, 2 and a half hours later. They loaded up the storage space, and we returned to the house to sweep.

When we got there, we found multiple items that they neglected to load on the truck: Two big white bookshelves, half of my Z-Rack, a wooden piece of my bed (which was inexplicably found in the front of the building), the boxspring for the twin bed, and of course, the mirror. All of these items (except the mirror, which is now remaining on the wall for the buyer) I had to drag to the alley, and give up, as we could not possibly transport these ourselves. So as you can see, we had an extremely negative experience, lost some of our household items, and the fence was broken. My neighbor and I expect you to be responsible for the damage, as well as the missing items and other building damage.

Looking forward to your prompt handling of this matter. Now I am waiting day 18 since my pickup. They haven't resolved or even communicated to resolve the compensation for my losses due to their negligence. My entire household goods are being held hostage.

Now I'm seeing the bad reviews on line and I have identical complaints. Pattern.

I would have never used this company if I saw these complaints. They offered to send furniture and I declined because I was horrified that must mean my things are so far from being delivered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Colonial Van Lines Moving Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: No delivery, Broken fence, Unethical practices.

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Colonial Van Lines Relocation Division - Colonial Van Lines - Update

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This is an update to my previous review of Colonial Van Lines (CVL) Relocation Division from 3 November 2016. Since I posted that review, within 12 hours CVL contacted me to learn more about my move and its problems and to try to work towards a resolution of the problems.

I'm happy to say that we have agreed on a fair resolution of the issues and that it happened pretty quickly. Their Escalation Manager took my case to upper management and we rapidly resolved all of my complaints. I'm impressed by how quickly they responded and we got it done.

They say they are working hard to improve their company's performance and responsiveness and it seems that they are. Scott, Huntsville, AL

Product or Service Mentioned: Colonial Van Lines Moving Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Nov 28, 2016.


Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1323198

Could you PLEASE tell me who you talked to to get your resolution? I also am in Alabama and had a nightmare of all nightmare moves.

Cannot get a return phone call to try to settle this matter finally.

I am at my wits end and would absolutely love to know who you talked to for resolution. Thank you so much!!

to Anonymous #1323537

Chris Gonzalez

Resolution Manager

Colonial Van Lines

2000 N. State Road 7

Margate, Florida 33063

P: 866.913.3611 E:

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